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Rise Up

A 12 Week Self-Discovery Course Designed to Empower Youth to Take Action in Their Lives, Giving Them the Skills Needed to Care for Themselves, As Well as the Connections Needed to Know They are not Alone & the Continued Support Needed to Create Real Change.

Be Balanced * Be Focused * Be SMARTer * Be Yourself * Be Effective *  Be Empowered * Be Resilient * Be Authentic * Be Loved * Be of Service * Be of Action

Our team has put together a youth program for ages 13-17 called “Rise Up”.  It teaches everyday life skills, but it also digs deeper and gives them a set of therapeutic-level coping skills, along with the resources to reach out for further help, and continued care after completion of the course.  Equally important it helps them connect with others and shows them that we are not alone in their pain or their circumstances.  They can find support from others while developing the capacity to better care for themselves.  

We also understand the importance of involving the entire family.  We have a program for the parents to learn and change along side their children.  We encourage them to take advantage of opportunity to create a stronger relationship with their child while developing skills and habits that will enrich all aspects of their lives.

Part I:  Begin with You

Week One:  An Invitation

An inspiring invitation to begin The Hero’s Journey.  Jump into uncertainty and bravely sacrifice the broken parts of your character and returned changed.  Become the hero of your own story.      

Week Two:  Be Balanced

All facets of life should be nourished–physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.  The strength of each pillar sustains the other pillars.

Week Three:  Be Focused

A daily routine with positive habits is an essential life skill which increases energy and productivity, while giving a sense of achievement, reducing stress and helping us achieve our goals.

Week Four:  Be SMARTer

Digging deeper with SMART goal setting in order to get to the true goal and solve the core problems.  

Week Five:  Be Yourself

Discovering your core personality traits and what makes you unique and good, while learning about others in the group.  

Part II:  Change

Week Six:  Be Empowered

Learning to find and focus on what you can control, radically accepting what you can’t, and letting go of the toxic things we hold onto that need to be “flushed away”.

Week Seven:  Be Effective

Communicating effectively involves both listening sincerely for understanding of others and expressing feelings and needs in such a way that your intent is clear while being true to your best self and fair to others.  

Week Eight:  Be Resilient 

Move past shame and find your strength.

Week Nine:  Be Authentic

“Be bold; be brave enough to be your true self.”

Week Ten:  Be Loved

Plant and cultivate self-love and compassion

Part III:  Rise Up

Week Eleven:  Be of Service

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  –Mahatma Gandhi

Week Twelve:  Be of Action

Culminating the ideas and skills learned in the course and taking action on them to create lasting change and an empowered youth.

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