Rise Up and Let the Journey Begin


Create a Life of Personal Empowerment, Lifelong Success, Peace and Joy

Be Balanced   Be Focused   Be SMARTer   Be Yourself   Be Effective   Be Empowered   Be Resilient   Be Authentic   Be Loved   Be of Service   Be of Action

Our team of professionals has put together a self-discovery course that can be taken online and done at your own pace, in your own time.  This course starts with everyday life skills that we can all use a revamping on or just an inspirational push.  It also digs deeper, helping you develop therapeutic-level coping skills to create habits that will enrich all aspects of your life, while giving you the to tools to begin to heal painful aspects of your story.  Rise Up is designed to give you a strong foundation to build your life upon, giving you the opportunity to rediscover yourself and embrace those forgotten attributes you may have lost sight of.  It is about finding yourself, your strength and balance so that you can come to a place of thriving. 

The Living Program is our basic package and includes: 

  • The Rise Up book, download and companion journal. 
  • Rise Up Yoga mat 
  • Basic Rise Up app, which includes daily inspirational texts 
  • One month free trial of the Mastering Support program


“in the end, they became more than what they expected.  they became the journey, and like all journeys,  they did not end.  they simply changed directions and kept going.”  –r.m. drake

If you choose to join our Mastering program, you will receive continued care throughout the course and for as long as you choose to continue your journey with us.  The Mastering Program includes:

  • Everything from the Living Program, plus:
  • Time with a mentor each month, who can privately coach you in your self-discovery.
  • Two group sessions with a certified therapist, giving you an opportunity to ask questions about what you are learning and noticing in yourself and your life.  Equally important it helps you connect with others and shows you that you are not alone in your pain or circumstances.  You can find support from others while developing the capacity to better care for yourself.
  • Premium use of the app, our latest videos and exclusive information reserved for those interested in life-long learning and development through Rise Up.