There is Hope. And You are Worth it. Rise Up and Let the Journey Begin.

Our Youth ProgramCourse Options for Adults

12 Part Self-Discovery Course

In twelve sessions, Rise Up discusses some basic concepts we tend to lose sight of or simply haven’t had access to and desperately need as a society.  From basic concepts like mindfulness, living a balanced life, effective time management and communicating effectively; to deeper topics like shame resilience & vulnerability, self love & compassion, and learning to focus on what we can change while letting go of what is out of our hands.  These concepts are life changing, and as we foster these new habits, skills, and attitudes, we can free ourselves from the weight and worries we cling to and have the time and energy to feel joy in life and peace in the quiet moments.

A Focus on Connections & Service

In today’s day and age, our world can get really small–especially for young people.  It is too easy to get caught up in the responsibilities and stresses of our lives.  Then when we do get time, we spend it zoned-out on our phones, scrolling through social media or watching Netflix with a bag of Cheetos in our laps.  

Now, while none of these things are inherently bad, we know they should be done in moderation.  What most of us are missing in our lives can’t be found on social media, tv or in a bag of chips.  We need connection to others.

Human beings are designed to connect; we literally need it in order to survive.   

With so much happening through our phones and social media, we are missing out on necessary “feel good” chemicals that come from connecting with and serving others.

Don’t panic.  We are not asking you to unsubscribe your accounts, throw your cell phone in the river, and live in a hut made out of popsicle sticks and pine needles in the woods.  We just want each and every person to experience the value of making face-to-face, deep connections through friendship and service.  It is vital to our health and happiness.

Amazing Aftercare Program

Real change takes time, a whole lot of energy, and endless repetition.  This course is designed to be a foundation to build your self love and trust on.  Most people will need continued support to keep them on track and motivated, while providing a reliable place to gain further knowledge and skills that can more deeply enhance our quality of life.

Our Youth Aftercare Program is offered until students have graduated high school or are 18.  This includes weekly check-ins with their coach, continued access to the app and an online group session each month.

For adults, our Mastering Program offers support through a personal coach and two online group sessions a month.   Group sessions are run by a certified therapist and meant to be a setting that is safe and anonymous, where clients can ask questions about things they are noticing in their lives.  Group members will get support from peers and counsel and clarity from the therapist, along with further resources to help clients successfully continue down the path of enlightenment.

Begin with Yourself, Create Change, and Rise Up
Part I: Begin with You


PART I:  Begin with You

“And You?  When will you begin that long journey into yourself?  –Rumi

An Invitation

An inspiring invitation to begin The Hero’s Journey.  Jump into uncertainty and bravely sacrifice the broken parts of your character and returned changed.  Become the hero of your own story.

Be Balanced  

All facets of life should be nourished.  We aim to be: Physically Strong; Mentally Sharp & Flexible; Emotionally Calm & Connected; Spiritually In Tune.  The strength of each pillar sustains the other pillars.

Be Focused

Time Management is an essential life skill which increases energy and productivity, while giving a sense of achievement, reducing stress and helping us achieve our goals.


Digging deeper with SMART goal setting in order to get to the true goal and solve the core problems.

Be Yourself

Discovering your core personality traits and what makes you unique and good.

Part II: Change


Part II: Change

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”  –George Bernard Shaw

Be Empowered

Learning to find and focus on what you can control, radically accepting what you can’t, and letting go of the toxic things we hold onto that need to be “flushed away”.

Be Effective

Communicating effectively involves both listening sincerely for understanding of others and expressing feelings and needs in such a way that your intent is clear while being true to your best self and fair to others.  


Be Resilient (Connections/Shame Resilience)

Move past shame and find your strength.

Be Authentic

“Be bold; be brave enough to be your true self.”  –Queen Latifah

Be Loved

Plant and cultivate self-love and compassion

Part III: Rise Up

PART III:  Rise Up

“We Rise by Lifting Others.”  –Robert Ingersoll

Be of Service

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  –Mahatma Gandhi

Be of Action

Culminating the ideas and skills learned in the course and taking action on them to create lasting change and an empowered youth.

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