Giving Children A New View of the World
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Bright Eyes, Bright Future have a vision.  What we see is a world where every child, domestically and internationally, will have an eye exam and receive glasses, if the need is there.

80% of what a child learns before age 12 is visual. By providing the basic and deserved right to sight, a child’s life can be drastically changed.  For many children domestically and abroad, difficulty in school due to vision impairment is the norm. Many will never bring attention to their vision issues because they don’t know any different or may be embarrassed.  Every-day activities including reading, playing, classroom lessons, navigating their environment and social interactions are more far more difficult and frustrating than they need to be. Often times the solution is simply a pair of glasses! One eye exam and a pair of glasses can eliminate unnecessary challenges, increase self-esteem, open doors to education and promote long-term health. Untreated vision impairment can cause learning difficulties, personality and behavioral development issues, social adaptation delays and, in some cases, blindness.

The motto “See a need, Fill a need!” has given The Hardy’s direction in their lives. “Over the last decade we have gained an awareness of the vast lack of basic eye care throughout the world,” said Dr. Ray Hardy.  “We have been searching for a way to get involved in filling this need. Going Beyond Borders has opened the door for us to reach children who need basic vision care.”

Ray Hardy, O.D., M.S.  has been practicing Optometry since 2007 when he received his O.D. degree from The Ohio State University. He loves working in Bend, Oregon where he runs his practice, Summit Family Eyecare. From a young age Dr. Hardy knew he wanted to work in the field of Optometry to help people see better. He is inspired by the difference he can make in someone’s life by improving their vision. “Nothing is more fulfilling than watching someone smile as they see the world clearly through their first pair of glasses!” 

Krissy Hardy earned a B.S. degree from Brigham Young University where she gained valuable business and management skills.  At Summit Family Eyecare she loves the behind the scenes work – from designing ads to bookkeeping to marketing.  As the mother of 4 she has gained compassion and a desire to help children. “When a child feels important and cared for they can move mountains, making a difference in more than just their own life. What we do might just be a drop in the bucket but every drop counts!”   

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